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Springs Plus Ultra

Project Description

Lawrencia essentially has two schools comprising a co-educational nursery, co-educational infant school, co-educational junior and senior high schools. Duoin was contracted to redesign a website that would house both schools, be responsive and mobile friendly, with easy to navigate front and back ends. It would also be required to implement functionality for visitors to donate to the school, or make them aware that school takes donation. The new network of sites would need to better represent both schools with a single branding, unifying theme and common structure, whilst allowing them to retain their own individuality.

Project Details

Timeline: Two (2) months
Installation Type: Multi-site Network
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Yoast SEO, WordPress CMS, CloudFlare CDN, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Suite, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code
Services: Site Audit, UI/UX Design, Logo Design, Web Design,  Copy Creation and Digitisation, Maintenance and Support (ongoing)


Requirements Gathering

Through our Web Design Questionnaire, Web Content Questionnaire and Several conversations with the client we were able to identify design specifications and feature requirements for the school network.


Here we identified design considerations such as color preferences and layout preferences.  We converted scanned copies of forms and other documents submitted to us using our content submission forms so that they would be digitized into forms on the website.

Springs Plus Ultra Wireframe above the Fold
Springs Plus Ultra Wireframe above the Fold
Plus Ultra - above the fold
Springs Preparatory homepage



We took the ‘less is more’ approach, By keeping the colour palette simple and subdued, we were able to make the photography and other aspects of the sites really shine through. A unique palette from each School’s colours was selected for individuality on each site and then combined with National Flag colours for uniformity across the network.


The main portal landing page was designed with inspirations from this Split-Screen UI by TutsPlus found on CodePen, we made a few adjustments to the code for it to be more responsive and essentially to fit the needs of this particular project.



Working with the proprietress we were able to identify the exact needs the each school site would fill and how staff from each school would interact with their respective sites. We created a network of school sites with an overall brand familiarity and but still keep their individuality. The new redesign has brought the home page and core information pages up to date with a new attractive and contemporary feel.


We never leave our clients in the dark after launching a website and with this was no different. We provided support after the initial launch to get the client up to speed and now they are regular benefactors of our Support and Maintenance service.

Duoin IT Consulting is the amalgamation of hidden gems across industries forging a family that is creative, design driven and motivated to making the magic happen for all of our clients and partners.

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