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Careers at Duoin

We are a small but growing agency, we provide quality work and great customer support.
We believe in working hard and having fun. We think it is a bold claim but we think we are a great team to work with.

Working with Duoin

Looking for a career in website design, graphic design or digital marketing? If you think you’d like to work with an agency that is creative and driven to customer satisfaction, take a look at the career list below. We are, genuinely, more interested in you and your attitude than a list of skills that you may have. If we are advertising a role that you feel is the right fit for you, feel free to contact us or simply apply.

Current Vacancies

There are currently no jobs available. However, you are free to send us an application if you are interested in being one of our freelance contractors.

Duoin IT Consulting is the amalgamation of hidden gems across industries forging a family that is creative, design driven and motivated to making the magic happen for all of our clients and partners.

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