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Welcome to Duoin

Doing Business Becomes StreamlinedAutomatedEasy

As a full-service IT consulting agency we focus on working with clients to realize their business goals by utilizing the talents of freelancers and specialists with experiences and capabilities that span across design & development, marketing and branding.


Custom Web and Graphic Design

Custom Design

We excel at building engaging experiences that turn prospects into profit. Let us help you actualize your ideas into something beautiful.

Content Creation and Digitization

Content Creation and Digitisation

We focus on creating valuable, relevant and consistent content that will help you to attract and retain your audience.

Digital Marketing, helping you to reach the social media landscape with ease

Digital Marketing

You don’t have to break the bank to implement a great marketing strategy. Work with us on affordable lead acquisition efforts. With us, it’s easy to gain lead conversions.

Workflow Optimization, putting the right people and software together.

Workflow optimisation

Inefficient workflows cause things to take longer and cost more to get done. Let’s see how we can automate your processes to make things easier for you.

Performance Optimization, speed is your friend.

Performance Optimisation

The longer your clients wait before your site loads, the higher the chances of them getting distracted or disinterested. Let’s speed that up for you.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone has some “hidden” formula for SEO, that usually does nothing to increase rankings. Let experts tackle your rankings.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Independent Testing

Our philosophy is that two minds are better than one. We can review your projects maybe you missed something.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Don’t have the time or expertise to keep your website up dated? You focus on the other important aspects of your business while we keep an eye on your website.

Interview for Solution Consulting

Solution Consulting

Need the right software or strategies to enhance your business? Duoin IT Consulting has the solution!



Our blog is where we share insight into some of the problems and solutions we and our clients encounter
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